Same same, but different, but still the same.



I work with some of the coolest millennials on the planet!  I read all these articles on slacker millennials, blah, blah, blah.  At the agency I work at, we even did a presentation on “work style” differences between Boomers, Gen XY and Millennials.  I literally could be a mom of millennials if I hadn’t waited so long to have kids.  I dig millennials and their outlook on life. In our office, over time each individual starts developing their “persona” and funny rituals, sayings, etc. begin to happen. So this brings me to the “same same, but different, but still the same” concept.  My co-worker, who I adore and is from the sunny state of Florida. She just recently took her first ski lesson and each month we do a kitty cat calendar reveal for her cuz cats are where it is at and she is all about the same-same concept.

To give you some examples of this concept in her words:

If you were trying to be trendy one day and wore a crop top that looked like one Kylie Jenner wore (which I clearly would never be AS TRENDY AS HER). “Same same, but different, but still same, saying in order to sarcastically pretend like you are just as trendy as KJ.

Or if you went on a date with Chris Pratt (the celebrity version of your boyfriend bc they look and act alike) …Same same, but different, but still same.

Or if Jake Gyllenhaal and your boyfriend both like basketball or hamburgers (a silly coincidence), it’s like they’re same same, but different, but still same..So it’s like your basically dating Jake Gyllenhaal.  My personal fav same-same.

Really, it is just used to compare things way out of your league to being the same and getting a good laugh out of it.  For us oldies, this may be equated to “If you could have any man-sandwich, who would be?” or the kitchen pass concept “If The Rock or JT knocked on your front door, your hubby would give you pass”.  Totally never going to happen, although these turn into some of the funniest conversations.

This isn’t something new, there’s even a Youtube video explaining the concept.

So go for it, what are your same-sames?   Let’s all have a good laugh. Because it is good to laugh these days.


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