The Transformations of One Kickboxing Class


Friday should and always be the day we each empower ourselves to feel a lighter emotional load and have a damn good laugh!

Friday’s damn good laugh was the result of a few “you’re fit and you know it” work darlings talking about how their kickboxing class went last night.

After just only one class this happened:

My hair grew 5 inches
I’m down 3 pant sizes
I lost 22 pounds
I am now fluent in French
I’ve gotten rid of my dark skin
I went down 5 sock sizes
My liver spots are gone
I had the best poop ever last night
Trump is no longer our president
Barack Obama left me a voicemail, really…
I started the funniest Twitter feed EVER @trumpdraws, check it out
My boobies got bigger
My Tinder matches are out of control, off the map
I have more followers than Dan Bilzerian
Everyone around me now speaks Spanish
My IQ improved by 1 point and is now 126
Pretty sure the pain I am feeling might go away in a month or so

Take a breath, look around, listen, talk to each other and have a great day!

You’re fit and you know it… The Streets

Video rez is less than desirable, yet still an enjoyable Friday tune.



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