Practicing Gratefulness




  1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful:
  2. expressing or actuated by gratitude

A recent family experience gave me pause to look at the reason I became so upset and it had to do with gratitude, or simply put, saying thank you.  It isn’t an inherent fault of a person’s character, rather something we choose to make “present” in our daily lives.  Gratitude can be a hard concept for some because one needs to get beyond all of life’s wants and disappointments to stop and be thankful.  We take into every situation all our emotional baggage, good and bad, roll this into our response to receiving gifts, complements, giving, etc.  We all have received a gift that we sat there scratching our head and wondering WTF is this.  What we don’t do is realize the person who took the time to give the gift thought it was a good gift to give or maybe they struggled to find the right gift, it was super stressful for them, and it just wasn’t quite right.  There are individuals who are amazing at finding just the right thing and there are others who “it just isn’t in their wheelhouse”.

So, the concept is much more than saying thank you for a gift you don’t like or have an issue with. It is being grateful for what you do have or have been given each day. For snow and rain so we have water, a beautiful day, tulips in spring, food on the table, family who loves you, spiritual relationships, friends, a roof over your head, heat in your home, running through the sprinklers on a hot summers day, good health… I am sure we can all visualize those simple things each day we have and not need we can be grateful for.

Gratefulness takes practice.  It isn’t something we just do.  We choose this path and practice it.  The next time you step outside and smell pine trees or orange blossoms, receive a gift or a compliment, stop…give thanks and show gratitude.  Your daily world outlook will be different and the small things that used to give you angst or anger may slowly fade into something unexpected.

Thank you!


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