Maybe I got a bad one?

pBPretty Bird Hot Chicken didn’t quite measure up as expected…

So there have been lines out the door since this place opened a couple of months ago. Note this isn’t hard to do when your max occupancy is 16. I finally decided to forgo my once a week walk to the City Creek Chick Fil’ A habit and try Pretty Bird on Regent St. in downtown SLC.

No line out the door, although busy. There wasn’t a menu board nor was there a menu to be found to decide what to order. After waiting awhile to get to the order register, I was informed they only had sandwiches today.  So no quarter bird option available. This is ok since I wasn’t totally planning on eating a quarter of a bird anyway.  But what if I was, ding #1.

The customer first-time experience is critical to the repurchase cycle, so if that is what I wanted because I heard about it from a friend and waiting to be told, “whoop’s” we don’t have any today, what a disappointment this would be as a new customer.  I literally told the person I was a new customer, and they didn’t explain anything to me, ding #2. 

I ordered a hot sandwich, no upsell to a combo or anything. Of which I at the time had no idea I didn’t order. Rang me up and then I said oh I forgot to order a drink, another ring up, ding #3.


Now for the wait, not too long although the place is a little like being in Crown Burger. If you stay too long you will for sure smell like a fry cook. If your business is frying, invest in the proper ventilation equipment so the eat-in experience is pleasant, ding #4.

Got my sandwich and not a combo. Dang, and their fries looked so good. I really didn’t need the calories. It is definitely a pretty sandwich. Opened to box and not even a napkin to be found, ding #5. 

Now, you are probably thinking I am being too harsh, but this sandwich is easily sharable for one’s cardiovascular health. I take it out of the box and transfer to a plate and the bun outside is hard and really flakey. I make a huge mess at my desk. Good food sometimes makes a mess, right? Well, I took a bite and have to admit there was some staleness happening, ding #6. 

Now, let’s talk about the flavor. After all, this is what every human on the planet is looking for when they pay $11 for a sandwich. Spices, sauce, pickles and pickled cabbage with either a dijon or something similar to it flavor were good if I could get past the taste of grease that has been reused too many times, ding #7. 

I know, at this point, you are definitely thinking, this chick is crazy. Again, if you’re in the business of fried food, your in the business of delivering something that tastes fantastically fried, it is all about the oil and use. I only ate 1/2 and got a headache immediately after indicating something they use has MSG in it. No dings for this, since MSG makes everything taste uber wonderful. I just have a sensitivity to it. I couldn’t find anything online with an ingredient factor to verify, but I know myself pretty well.

So my advice to this client would be…

Map out your customer journey. Figure out what excites and delights your customers. Majority of your business is going to be takeout, (max occupancy 16) upsell and give people napkins in their box. Oh, and have napkins where said 16 people can actually sit too.

2 out of 5 STARS

Small chance of returning, although the fries look damn good!

@h2thec2theb @utahsundancemom #utahsundancemom

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