Can you smell Sundance 2020?


Each year, I mark my calendar, get the reminder and promptly head over to Trolley Square to pick up my pass along with the beloved Sundance festival book. Some festival patrons pass on the book (my kids would say “OK BOOMER” to indicate total fail), I on the other hand can’t wait to sit down with some java and read through it. Sure, one could go online and get all the info sooner, but there is a nostalgia to turning the pages and taking it all in. I look forward to this each year, standing in line, waiting for what some might find an oddly satisfying reason, an olfactory bliss associated with freshly printed festival book boxes being opened. I have always had a heightened sense of smell and ever since having my two boys, I truly could be reincarnated as a drug detection canine. Once, I get my book it, two senses take over, olfactory and tactile. Upon the first page turn, I take in the scent of both paper and ink which gives me a great sense of calm and the smoothness of each page brings great satisfaction. I immediately peruse the Documentary sections, take in Dramatic and Next, then review at leisure the rest of the book.

There is something to be said by keeping the tradition of the Film Fest book alive. For me, the smell and touch of the book kicks off Sundance bringing a sense of excitement and preparation. Excitement for the lines, meeting new people, catching up with those I haven’t seen in a year and discussing movies watched with both friends and strangers. Preparation for the multitude of emotions I will feel watching each and every movie.

Cheers to the start of another Sundance. Thank you Robert Redford & the Sundance Institute. So grateful to live in a state where this mom can get her indie vibe on once a year. One day, my goal will be to produce a film worthy of the fest.

Happy Sundancing!

#sundancefilmfest #sundancemom #utahsundancemom #sundance @h2thec2theb

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